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FitoDerm - Natural Acne Treatment

Keeps Acne at bay by replenishing facial pores and reducing excess oil

Benefits of using FitoDerm

  • Helps in removing acne, pimples and blackheads
Removes causative bacteria
It not only removes the scars but also makes the skin glow
Helps fight wrinkles
Non inflammatory
Prevents Acne reoccurrence

  • FitoDerm is a revolutionary skin care product with essential herbs and nutrients that treats acne and pimples and keeps skin healthy and non greasy.


    What is Acne all about?

    Acne is a common skin condition that normally is found on the face, but can also be found on other parts of the body, like the neck, back and shoulders.Vulgaris is the proper name for Acne. Acne symptoms are lesions on the skin that break out. These lesions may be cysts, blackheads, or whiteheads.


    During puberty, the body produces sebum, an oily substance. However, when it is overproduced- The excess oil then clogs the pores and normally leaves the skin feeling oily and pimply. A higher production of follicle cells is another reason for acne


    The Role of FitoDerm: The Simple, easy, fast and effective way of treating Acne:

    Many of the acne products available in the market contain chemicals such as accutane and Benzoyl peroxide which may cause the skin to become red and irritated. However, FitoDerm is different in that it works from the inside out.

    FitoDerm is a proprietary blend of antioxidants and herbs. The antioxidants in FitoDerm neutralize toxins and help your immune system to fight acne-causing bacteria and virus. Moreover, there are no harmful side-effects with FitoDerm and it is pretty cheap too. It is also very easy to use. No need to rub different lotions on your face and waste time following complicated procedures, you just have to pop a pill a notice the difference it does within days.

    The Working of FitoDerm:

    Acne is mainly caused because of hormonal imbalance combined with toxins in the blood. The finest herbs in FitoDerm first purify the blood and then gradually cleanse and clear the skin from acne and blemishes. FitoDerm herbal formulation erases scars, enhances skin complexion and finally endows the skin with a fresh radiance. And what even more appealing of Fitoderm is that it has practically no side effects.




Emblica officinalis


Rubia cordifolia


Acacia catechu


Berberis aristata




Take 2 tablets twice a day after meal with a full glass of water. Following a regular course of FitoDerm will enable you to have a clean and purified skin.

Each bottle contains 60 tablets of FitoDerm


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